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Alyssa Webber

Senior/grade 12 student (17), Female, Nicole’s older sister, a wallflower but with fortitude and resilience, unexpectedly fierce, intelligent, studious, and tries to be a substitute parent to Nicole (her mother died after a battle with cancer, her father has since become a hardened alcoholic)



Senior/grade 12 student (17), Male, Alyssa’s new boyfriend, generally a good guy, popular, easy-going, sincere, loyal to a fault


Nicole Webber

Freshman/grade 9 student (14), Female, Alyssa’s younger sister, naïve but brash, wants to be popular, despises being mothered by Alyssa 



Senior/grade 12 student (17), Male/Female, Alyssa’s best friend, gay, sardonic, outspoken, street-smart, calm in a crisis

Zach Wells

Repeating Senior/grade 12 student (18), Male, Nicole’s boyfriend, school’s class-clown and drug dealer, not as smart/cool as he thinks he is


Freshman/grade 9 student (14), Female, Nicole’s best friend, mean-girl-in-training, craves popularity, jealous, immature



Senior/grade 12 student (17), Female, popular, competitor for Devin’s affection, the mean-girl



Senior/grade 12 student (17), Male/Female, laidback, skater culture, mischievous, easily amused, Tyler's BFF


Senior/grade 12 student (17), Male/Female, laidback, skater culture, mischievous, easily amused, Taylor's BFF


Senior/grade 12 student (17), Female, popular by association, quintessential posse member


Senior/grade 12 student (17), Male, popular by association, quintessential posse member


Principal Santos

High School Principal (50s), Female/Male, competent, direct, scary yet benevolent


High School Guidance Counselor (30s), Female/Male, hippie, sweet yet patronizing 


Nick Webber

Alyssa and Nicole's father (40s), Male, distraught, alcoholic


Brown (off-Stage OR on-stage)

English Teacher (50s), Female/Male, loud, jaded


Detective Whitman

Police Detective (40-50s), Female/Male, kind, gentle, composed



Emergency Room Nurse (30s), Female/Male, overworked, rule-follower



Hospital Nursing Aide (30s), Female/Male, affable


School Secretary (off-stage)

Intercom Voice that announces the school’s lunch menu (50s), Female/Male, monotone, dry wit

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