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A musical dramedy in 2 Acts

Running time 110 minutes

“Dark Nights” is a new musical about a young woman who chooses to resist peer pressure and rise above socioeconomic challenges to reach for a promising future. Alyssa is reeling from her mother’s death and father’s alcoholism. She tries to parent her rebellious younger sister, but combined with the stresses of high school and work, the pressure is overwhelming. Alyssa and her friends seek solace and escape, but soon discover the dark side of teen rites. A period piece set in the late 90s, the narrative hangs on timeless teen issues: first love, betrayal, recklessness, sex, teen dogma, drug abuse, and desire for acceptance. “Dark Nights” is a coming of age journey, wherein Alyssa searches for and finds hope for a better life.


Dark Nights contains profanity, adult themes, simulated drug use, violence, and sexual content. An adapted libretto without profanity is available.

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